Automotive gadgets. What should you take with you on vacation?
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Automotive gadgets. What should you take with you on vacation?

Automotive gadgets. What should you take with you on vacation? They make it easier to keep the car in order, increase the comfort of the trip, help when traveling with children, increase driving safety, and entertain. What is it about? About car gadgets that will be useful to every driver, especially during the holiday season.

Automotive gadgets. What should you take with you on vacation?There comes a time in every driver's life when he wants to make some changes to his car. Car modifications do not have to be immediately associated with invasive tuning. A number of improvements can be made using car gadgets. There are so many of them that every driver should find something interesting among them.

Safety first of all

Many in-car gadgets are designed to improve travel safety. Among them are widely used and obvious, such as hands-free kits or sunglasses with polarized lenses. How else can drivers ensure a hassle-free journey? Since driving can be smooth, especially on highways and expressways, it is worth, for example, to get a special device that does not allow the driver to fall asleep. This electronic gadget, immediately after detecting the first symptoms of drowsiness in the vehicle, activates a loud alarm, which is a warning signal. For added safety on long journeys, consider purchasing a lane departure warning system. You may also want to consider getting a GPS speed display built into the windshield. It's a device that doesn't require you to take your eyes off the road to see how fast we're going. In addition, it can also warn if the programmed speed is exceeded.

second order

Many drivers spend a significant part of the day in the car during their vacation trip, so it is worth taking care of the order in it. The order in the car can be maintained, for example, with the help of roof racks, restraints, racks or baskets, which will prevent the free movement of objects in the rear of the car while driving. These accessories will be useful not only when traveling, but also every day, for example, for transporting purchases. It is also worth getting a special trunk mat that is resistant to liquids or animal hair that can be spilled on it. This will protect the boot from unnecessary contamination. Camping drivers may also be interested in an electronic rodent repeller, a device installed in the engine compartment that emits ultrasounds that are inaudible to the human ear, but unpleasant for animals such as martens, otters, badgers and ferrets.

Third, comfort

Every driver will definitely appreciate a car gadget that will increase the comfort of a car trip. One of them can be, for example, a massage seat mat, which, by performing vibration, impulse or pressure massage, allows the driver to relax during the trip. If you want to share traffic information with other drivers, such as whether there is a traffic jam or a detour, you can launch an app on your smartphone that will allow you to interact with other road vehicles. users (used, of course, only during stops, so as not to create dangers on the road). Air conditioning is a gadget that will surely serve not only allergy sufferers. Its task is to get rid of all unpleasant odors from the car interior, for example, cigarette smoke, and an additional function is the production of ozone.

Fourth, traveling with children

Automotive gadgets. What should you take with you on vacation?Driving requires due care, which is difficult to maintain when there are children in the car. However, there are a number of gadgets that should interest them. These include, for example, a DVD system with a screen built into the headrest of the front seat, on which you can display a fairy tale. When traveling with small children, it is also worth getting special organizers for the front seats, in which you can put their favorite toys. You can also purchase a special mat that will allow your child to draw or draw while driving. In addition, among the numerous gadgets there are board games designed to be played in the car. Their design, such as pawns with magnets or a shape adapted to small children's hands, ensures comfortable use while traveling.

Fifth, entertainment

When traveling by car, it is also worth taking care of adequate entertainment. If your car's standard radio does not meet your expectations, you may want to consider purchasing an FM transmitter. Thanks to this device, connected to the cigarette lighter socket, you can send radio waves, including to a car radio. signal from an mp3 player, USB stick, SD card or phone. Drivers who are fond of cooking will certainly appreciate such a gadget as a car microwave. Thanks to this, you can eat any reheated dish at the bus stop. In many auto accessories stores, you can buy another "culinary gadget" - a special cover for the steering wheel, which makes it much easier to eat in the car. Naturally, you can use this "mobile table" only when the car is parked. Coffee lovers will love this cigarette lighter-powered car coffee machine.

 - Car gadgets perform many different and useful functions, but you can not overdo it. Also, be aware that some car accessories are banned in various European countries. For example, for the use of a VCR in Spain there are legal consequences, and in Austria - a fine of several tens of thousands of zlotys. However, in Slovakia it is forbidden to place GPS or other devices on the windshield in places that restrict the driver's visibility. Therefore, when planning vacation trips and buying accessories, it is worth checking the traffic rules in the country where we are going to go, comments Michal Tochowicz, automotive expert of the ProfiAuto network.

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