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    What does the Mercedes logo mean

    Entering the arena of the automotive industry, the management of each company develops its own logo. This is not just an emblem flaunting on the grille of a car. It succinctly describes the main directions of the automaker. Or carries with it a symbol of the goal that the board of directors is striving for. Each badge on cars from different manufacturers has its own unique origin. And here is the story of the world famous label that has been decorating premium cars for almost a hundred years. The history of the Mercedes logo The founder of the company is Karl Benz. The concern was officially registered in 1926. However, the origin of the brand goes a little deeper into history. It begins with the founding of a small company called Benz & Cie in 1883. The first car created by the debutants of the automobile industry was a three-wheeled self-propelled cart. It had a gasoline engine on ...

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    What does the Toyota mark mean?

    Toyota is one of the leaders in the global automaker market. A car with a logo in the form of three ellipses immediately appears to motorists as a reliable, modern and high-tech vehicle. Vehicles of this production are famous for their high reliability, originality and manufacturability. The company provides its customers with a wide range of warranty and post-warranty services, and its representative offices are located almost all over the world. Here is a modest story of gaining such a high reputation for a Japanese brand. History It all began with a modest production of looms. A small factory produced devices with automatic control. Until 1935, the company did not even claim a place among car manufacturers. The year 1933 has come. The son of the founder of toyota went on a trip to Europe and the Americas. Kiichiro...

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    What does the Hyundai logo mean

    Korean cars have recently competed with many major representatives of the automotive industry. Even German brands famous for their quality will soon be on the same level of popularity with him. Therefore, more and more often, on the streets of European cities, passers-by notice a badge with an inclined letter “H”. In 2007, the brand appeared on the list of the largest car manufacturers in the world. He gained popularity due to the successful manufacture of budget cars. The company still manufactures budget car options available to a buyer with an average income. This makes the brand popular in different countries. Every car manufacturer strives to create a unique label. It should not just show off on the hood or on the radiator grid of any car. There must be a deep meaning behind it. Here is the official...

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    What does the Volkswagen logo mean?

    Golf, Polo, Beetle. The brain of most motorists automatically adds "Volkswagen". And this is not surprising, because in 2019 alone the company sold more than 10 million cars. It was an absolute record in the entire history of the brand. Therefore, all over the world, uncomplicated "VW" in a circle are known even to those who do not follow the latest in the auto world. The logo of a brand with a worldwide reputation does not have much hidden meaning. The combination of letters is a simple abbreviation for the name of the car. Translation from German - "people's car". That's how this icon came about. The history of creation In 1933, Adolf Hitler set a task for F. Porsche and J. Werlin: a car accessible to the common people was needed. In addition to the desire to win the favor of his subjects, Hitler wanted to give pathos ...