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    8 BMW 2020 Series Test Drive Gran Coupe

    The Bavarian automaker continues to delight its fans by releasing restyled versions of each model. And the eighth series coupe is no exception. Stylish car with a representative appearance and sporty characteristics. This is a key idea that the brand continues to “cultivate” in its cars. What's new in the base and deluxe trim levels? We present a fresh test drive of the new generation of the G2020, which is loved by many motorists. Auto design Visually, the 5082 model has increased due to the abandonment of the two-door body style. The coupe with four frameless doors is more practical than its predecessor. The dimensions of the car have also changed. Length, mm. 2137 Width, mm. 1407 Height, mm. 3023 Wheelbase, mm. 1925 Weight, kg. 635 Load capacity, kg. 1627 Track width, mm. Front 1671, rear 440 Trunk volume, l. XNUMX Clearance, mm.…

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    The Beast: Donald Trump's Fortress on Wheels

    The Beast limousine is responsible for the safety of the American president on trips. It is one of the vehicles in Trump's large fleet and is the most secure. The super-protected car cost the US budget $15,8 million. The car is equipped with an armored body and even a bottom. The Beast is immune to point-blank hits from any type of firearm. The limousine can fully ride on flat tires. By the way, the wheels are equipped with Kevlar protection, so shooting through them is a very difficult task. The car is equipped with the latest communication systems. Inside is a mobile medical center. The car is protected from fire, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, it is equipped with military-grade night vision systems. Inside is a container with blood, which in case of emergency can be used for ...