What is this "Jack" button and why is it needed in the car
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What is this "Jack" button and why is it needed in the car


Novice motorists rarely thoroughly study the configuration and functionality of the acquired anti-theft system. Experienced drivers are aware that one of the indicators of the high quality of a car alarm is the presence of a Valet button in its configuration. It is a control mechanism for switching the alarm to service mode and, if necessary, allows you to turn off the sound signal without using the remote control.

Valet button - what it is responsible for, where it is, what it looks like

In a non-standard situation, the Jack button makes it possible to limit the protective options of the alarm and re-set some parameters of its operation.

What is this "Jack" button and why is it needed in the car
In a non-standard situation, the Jack button makes it possible to limit the protective options of the alarm

Using the button mechanism provides the following features:

  1. Activate and unlock protection mode. If the key fob is lost, its location is unknown, or it is out of order, Jack will allow you to turn the security on and off. However, for this, the user must have access to the interior and ignition system of the car.
  2. Transferring the vehicle to a service station or car wash without having to leave the key fob. In addition to turning the security function on and off, the Valet key will allow you to activate the service mode. In this case, the alarm does not show its presence. It will be almost impossible to find the control unit, as a result of which the employees of the car wash or service station will not be able to determine the model of the system.
  3. If the service mode is running, the likelihood of calculating the serial number of the anti-theft complex is minimized. It is possible to activate the security function using a personal password. In this case, a potential attacker will not be able to determine the algorithm for disabling the security function.

The security mode of the anti-theft system can be disabled by the Valet button, so it should be positioned so that an attacker cannot quickly find the mechanism and unlock the alarm.

Concealed installation is possible in the following places:

  • in the area of ​​​​the tape recorder and speakers;
  • near the driver's seat;
  • in the edging of the steering wheel;
  • in the voids of the dashboard;
  • in drawers for small things;
  • near the cigarette lighter and ashtray;
  • around the hand brake.
What is this "Jack" button and why is it needed in the car
Possible installation locations for the Valet button

If the installation of the security system is carried out in a specialized car service, the master can install the Valet button as imperceptibly as possible for prying eyes. In this case, the owner of the car must be informed of its exact location.

When doing work with your own hands, you must consider the following:

  • the location of the key should be easily accessible, but as difficult as possible for an attacker to find;
  • given the miniature size of the button, you need to securely fasten the part;
  • the wiring of the standard alarm connection must reach the push-button mechanism;
  • It is advisable to change the bright color of the wire leading to the Valet button.

In most cases, the Jack button is a small barrel. In the central part there is a miniature button recessed to protect against accidental pressing. The illustration of the description of the anti-theft system shows exactly what the Valet button looks like. It can be of different configurations and colors, but has several common appearance features:

  1. The button has a small size, as a rule, it is no more than 1,2–1,5 cm.
  2. There are two wires connected to the key - power supply and ground. The color of the conductors can match the color of the standard cables. Experienced installers of anti-theft systems change the wire on purpose in order to ensure the hidden installation of the part.
  3. The button is located in the center of the black plastic case. It can be made in the form of a circle or a square with rounded ends.
What is this "Jack" button and why is it needed in the car
Various models of Jack buttons

How to turn off the alarm with the Valet button

If it is impossible to use the remote control, the sequence of actions for unlocking anti-theft systems of various modifications is somewhat different. In general, the step-by-step instructions for disabling the alarm using the Valet button are as follows:

  1. Open the car door with the key and get into the passenger compartment so that the push-button mechanism is available for action.
  2. In accordance with the information set out in the operating instructions for the existing alarm model, press the button the required number of times. Between pressing it is necessary to maintain the time intervals specified in the manual.
  3. The alarm will turn off after entering a special code available in the instructions.

After performing these manipulations, the piercing sound of a roaring siren of a triggered alarm will be muffled. If necessary, you can reset the parameters of the car's security system.

When choosing a car alarm, you should prefer models that have a Valet button in their design. They are more profitable in operation than systems that do not have an emergency shutdown of the siren using a push-button mechanism. The car owner needs to carefully study the algorithm of the Valet button and remember its location well. This will allow you to quickly use the functionality of the key if necessary. The service button often helps drivers out in a difficult situation.

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