The history of the Acura car brand
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The history of the Acura car brand

Acura is the American division of the Japanese concern Honda. Specialization is focused on the production of executive cars and sports cars.

Acura became the first luxury car brand in Japan. The achievement of the company from the first years of its existence was that it gained popularity in the United States through the production of premium cars. Most of the cars are manufactured in North America and also in Japan.

The history of the brand's creation dates back to 1986, when the Anerican Honda Motor Co. assembly plant was established in California in the spring. Over time, the plant was transformed into a manufacturing plant for the production of Acura cars. Honda has been actively promoting the Acura brand. The most significant difference between the two brands is the sporty design and the level of equipment of the series. The name “Acura” itself was born in 1989.

The history of the Acura car brand

The first-born Acura were the Integra and Legend, which immediately gained popularity in the market.

The company gained popularity due to its reliability and excellent technical characteristics. The production of sports cars and luxury cars was in great demand in the market. In 1987, the Legend entered the top 10 list of the best cars of the last three years.

After the 90s, the demand for Acura vehicles decreased significantly. One of the versions was the identity of the design of the car, which did not gain originality and was identical to the Honda cars.

With the beginning of a new century, after a long lull, the company made a breakthrough in the market with new modernized versions, which already mesmerized with a new outstanding design, as well as a combination of majesty and sports features in cars.

The production of off-road vehicles was also modernized, and at the turn of 2002, Acura took a privileged place in the off-road car industry.

Further rapid development of the company was equipped with the introduction of new innovative technologies in production, which created demand in the market.


The history of the Acura car brand

Acura was founded by the Japanese corporation Honda Motor Co.


The history of the Acura car brand

The Acura emblem is presented in the form of a metal oval with a black inner background, where the sign symbolizes a caliper, which denotes an accurate measuring device. You can also think that the badge is presented as a “fusion” of two capital letters of the Honda and Acura brands.

Delving into history from the very foundation of the Acura subsidiary, the brand did not initially have its own sign for 4 years. The company, which conquered the market with the release of its cars in such a short time, had to acquire its own emblem. Taking advantage of scientific research, the semantics of the word “Acura” itself, which in Latin means accuracy, accuracy. These words are personified in calipers, which are commensurate with these concepts in the production of luxury cars.

Also, according to another version, the emblem is very similar to the letter “A”, but at the same moment the letter “H” is visible to the naked eye, since the letter “A” is not connected to the end at the top, which in turn means the presence of capital letters of both companies .

Acura car history

The history of the Acura car brand

The famous Legend model was produced with a sedan body and a powerful power unit and was one of the first models. A little later, a modernized version with a coupe body was released. It was the first car equipped with a V6 engine capable of speeds up to 100 km / h. in 7 seconds. This model received the title of Best Imported Car of 1987. The maximum speed reached almost 220 km / h. The upgraded version came out in the early 90s and was already equipped with higher technical characteristics. She possessed a number of functions to ensure maximum comfort and convenience.

Another model of the company was followed by the Integra for 3 and 5 doors. The first Integra had a coupe body and was equipped with a powerful 244 horsepower power unit. Subsequent modernized versions of the car were produced with a sedan body, and there was also a sports version with a coupe body. There were no particular differences between them, with the exception of the power unit, which in the latter had a power of 170 horsepower.

The history of the Acura car brand

The “everyday supercar” or NSX model debuted in 1989, and was the first car in the world to have an all-aluminum chassis and body, which greatly reduced the weight of the car. It was a sports car with a coupe body and a powerful power unit of 255 horsepower. Soon, in 1997, an improved version of the model was released, the modernization mainly affected the engine, making it more powerful at 280 horsepower. And in 2008, the company's specialists made a record in the development of the power unit up to 293 horsepower.

No less impressive was the progress in technical characteristics, in particular the 1995 model EL engine - a luxury car with a sedan body.

The off-road vehicle in the MDX was a combination of power and luxury. Equipped with a powerful V6 power unit and spacious interior, it has taken a leading position among many SUVs.

The RSX took the place of the Integra at the turn of the century, and in 2003 the TSX sedan sports car with a 4-cylinder powertrain was produced.

The following year, the TL was released with an upgraded 270 V6 engine.

From the beginning of 2005, a number of progressive achievements of the company began, as it released the RL model, equipped with the innovative SH AWD system, and the power of the power unit was 300 horsepower. And the very next year, the first RDX model was released, equipped with a gasoline turbo engine.

The history of the Acura car brand

The ZDX SUV saw the world in 2009, as well as an upgraded MDX model, equipped with advanced technical characteristics.

The RLX Sport Hybrid was released in 2013 and was a new generation sports car with a sedan body with all-wheel drive. The original design, engine power, but above all technical characteristics that create maximum comfort - have generated a great demand in the market.

Questions and answers:

What does Akura mean? The name of the eminent brand of premium cars is based on the word Acu (needle). Based on this shape, Acura was formed, which can mean "pointed or sharpened".

What is depicted on the Acura emblem? The brand logo appeared in 1990. It depicts a caliper (a precision instrument for measuring the lateral dimension of a deep hole). The idea is to highlight the perfect product quality.

Where is Akura collected? Most of the models for the global market are assembled at factories in America owned by Honda Motor Co. As for the TSX and RL sedans, they are assembled in Japan.

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