How long does it take to charge a dead car battery?
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How long does it take to charge a dead car battery?

Sometimes it seems like our cars are constantly trying to let us down. Whether it's a flat tire or a car overheating, it can feel like something is going wrong with our cars. One of the biggest frustrations for drivers is a dead car battery. You can try restarting the engine to see if it works or ask another driver to help you start the car. But how long does it take to properly charge a dead car battery, short of jump starting it?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer. The simple version is that it depends on how dead the car battery is. If it is completely discharged, it can take up to twelve hours, and sometimes longer. Also, it depends on which car battery is installed in your car. However, experts advise against charging your battery at an ultra-fast rate to prevent overheating.

Car battery basics  

Because of how advanced cars have become over the past 15 years, the need for electricity for vehicles is higher than ever before. The power electronics of car batteries supplies electricity to the ignition system, energy to start the engine and provides energy storage. Needless to say, they are critical to our travels.

If you don't want your car to break down all the time, constant maintenance and care is essential. That's why we recommend checking your battery about once a year, along with other annual vehicle checks, to see how it's performing. However, car batteries should last 3 to 5 years.

Why your battery may need to be recharged  

When your battery is dead, you don't automatically need a replacement. He probably just needs a boost. Here are the common reasons for a dead car battery:

  • You left your headlights or interior lights on for too long, maybe overnight.
  • Your generator is dead. The generator works hand in hand with the battery to power the electronics.
  • Your battery has been exposed to extreme temperatures. Cold winters can reduce battery performance just as much as extreme summer heat.
  • the battery is overloaded; you may be over-starting your car.
  • The battery may be old and unstable.

Types of chargers for car batteries

Another key aspect of how long you should charge a dead car battery is the type of charger you have. These are three different types of chargers:

  • Linear charger. This charger is a simple charger because it charges from a wall outlet and connects to the mains. Perhaps due to its simplicity, this is not the fastest charger. It can take up to 12 hours to recharge a 12-volt battery with a linear charger.
  • Multi-stage charger. This charger is a little pricey, but it can recharge the battery in bursts, which helps reduce long-term damage. Multi-stage chargers can charge a battery in less than an hour, making them even more value for money.
  • Drip charger. Rechargers often charge AGM batteries, which should not be charged too quickly. But the charger should not be used for a dead battery. So your two best options are the linear charger and the multi-stage charger.

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