Check the car before buying. It's simple
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Check the car before buying. It's simple

Check the car before buying. It's simple People interested in buying a used car, motorcycle or other vehicle registered in Poland can check many details on their own, which can be very important for new owners.

Check the car before buying. It's simpleThe Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the Central Information Technology Center, created the opportunity to receive a free report on the vehicle of interest to us. This report comes from the database of the Central Vehicle Registry, so it is accurate and contains detailed data about the vehicle since it was first registered in the country. This can protect us from actions of unscrupulous sellers who provide false information about the technical condition.

What can we learn about the dream car or motorcycle that we plan to buy second-hand. The information we get from the easy-to-use program includes:

– technical data such as engine size and power or type of fuel, number of seats, curb weight of the vehicle or permissible payload

- Production year

– dates of mandatory technical inspections passed by the vehicle, including information on whether they are up-to-date

- odometer readings recorded during technical inspections (collected at the CGR since 2014)

– information on whether the vehicle has a valid compulsory civil liability insurance to third parties

– the number of owners in Poland and an indication of the areas in which the vehicle was registered

– information on whether the previous owners were a private individual or a company,

– whether the vehicle is currently listed as stolen.

Getting data is very simple, just enter in the appropriate fields:

– Vehicle registration number

– date of first registration of the vehicle

– VIN-number – a unique number for each vehicle. It is provided and placed on the vehicle by the manufacturer.

Think about whether it is worth spending a few minutes to check the vehicle you are interested in, so that after the purchase you do not regret that its technical condition does not correspond to the seller's assurances. It is very easy to print such a report. The above information can be accessed from any computer and is completely free. To do this, just visit

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