Deciphering error codes on the dashboard of a Volkswagen car
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Deciphering error codes on the dashboard of a Volkswagen car


A modern car can literally be called a computer on wheels. This also applies to Volkswagen vehicles. The self-diagnosis system informs the driver about any malfunction at the moment of its occurrence - errors with a digital code are displayed on the dashboard. Timely decoding and elimination of these errors will help the car owner avoid more serious troubles.

Computer diagnostics of Volkswagen cars

With the help of computer diagnostics, most of the malfunctions of Volkswagen vehicles can be detected. First of all, this applies to the electronic systems of the machine. Moreover, timely diagnostics can prevent possible damage.

Deciphering error codes on the dashboard of a Volkswagen car
Equipment for machine diagnostics includes a laptop with special software and wires to connect it

Usually Volkswagen cars are diagnosed before buying on the secondary market. However, experts recommend diagnosing even new cars at least twice a year. This will avoid many unpleasant surprises.

Deciphering error codes on the dashboard of a Volkswagen car
Volkswagen diagnostic stands are equipped with modern computers with proprietary software

EPC signal on the dashboard of a Volkswagen car

Often, malfunctions of individual vehicle systems occur unnoticed by the driver. However, these failures can further provoke more serious damage. The main signs to look out for, even if the dashboard does not light up any malfunction signals:

  • fuel consumption for unknown reasons almost doubled;
  • the engine began to triple, noticeable failures appeared in its operation both when accelerating and at idle;
  • various fuses, sensors, etc. began to fail frequently.

If any of these signs appear, you should immediately drive the car to a service center for diagnostics. Ignoring such situations will result in a red window on the dashboard illuminating with a message about an engine failure, which is always accompanied by a code of five or six digits.

Deciphering error codes on the dashboard of a Volkswagen car
When an EPC error occurs, a red window lights up on the dashboard of Volkswagen vehicles

This is an EPC error, and the code indicates which system has failed.

Video: the appearance of an EPC error on a Volkswagen Golf

EPC error engine BGU 1.6 AT Golf 5

Decoding of EPC codes

The inclusion of the EPC display on the Volkswagen dashboard is always accompanied by a code (for example, 0078, 00532, p2002, p0016, etc.), each of which corresponds to a strictly defined malfunction. The total number of errors is in the hundreds, so only the most common ones are listed and deciphered in the tables.

The first block of errors is associated with malfunctions of various sensors.

Table: main codes of malfunctions of sensors of the car Volkswagen

Error CodesCauses of errors
With 0048 on 0054The temperature control sensors in the heat exchanger or evaporator are out of order.

The temperature control sensor in the area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthe passenger and driver's legs failed.
00092The temperature meter on the starter battery has failed.
With 00135 on 00140The wheel acceleration control sensor has failed.
With 00190 on 00193The touch sensor on the outside door handles has failed.
00218The interior humidity control sensor has failed.
00256The antifreeze pressure sensor in the engine has failed.
00282The speed sensor has failed.
00300The engine oil temperature sensor has overheated. The error occurs when using low-quality oil and if the frequency of its replacement is not observed.
With 00438 on 00442The fuel level sensor has failed. An error also occurs when the device that fixes the float in the float chamber breaks down.
00765The sensor that controls the exhaust gas pressure has broken.
With 00768 on 00770The antifreeze temperature control sensor failed at the time of its exit from the engine.
00773The sensor for monitoring the total oil pressure in the engine has failed.
00778Steering angle sensor failed.
01133One of the infrared sensors has failed.
01135One of the security sensors in the cabin failed.
00152The gearshift control sensor in the gearbox has failed.
01154The pressure control sensor in the clutch mechanism has failed.
01171The seat heating temperature sensor failed.
01425The sensor for controlling the maximum speed of rotation of the car is out of order.
01448The driver's seat angle sensor has failed.
From p0016 to p0019 (on some Volkswagen models - from 16400 to 16403)The sensors for monitoring the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft began to work with errors, and the signals broadcast by these sensors do not correspond to each other. The problem is eliminated only in the conditions of a car service, and it is categorically not recommended to go there on your own. Better to call a tow truck.
With p0071 through p0074Ambient temperature control sensors are defective.

The second block of error codes on the EPC display of Volkswagen cars signals the failure of optical and lighting devices.

Table: main fault codes for lighting and optical devices of a Volkswagen car

Error CodesCauses of errors
00043The parking lights don't work.
00060Fog lights don't work.
00061Pedal lights burned out.
00063The relay responsible for reversing lighting is faulty.
00079Faulty interior lighting relay.
00109The bulb on the rearview mirror burned out, repeating the turn signal.
00123The door sill lights burned out.
00134The door handle light bulb burned out.
00316The passenger compartment light bulb burned out.
00694The car dashboard light bulb burned out.
00910The emergency warning lights are out of order.
00968Turn signal light burned out. The same error is caused by a blown fuse responsible for the turn signals.
00969Light bulbs burnt out. The same error is caused by a blown fuse responsible for the dipped beam. On some Volkswagen models (VW Polo, VW Golf, etc.), this error occurs when the brake lights and parking lights are faulty.
01374The device responsible for the automatic activation of the alarm has failed.

And, finally, the appearance of error codes from the third block is due to breakdowns of various devices and control blocks.

Table: main codes of malfunctions of devices and control units

Error CodesCauses of errors
C 00001 through 00003Faulty vehicle brake system, gearbox or safety block.
00047Defective windshield washer motor.
00056The temperature sensor fan in the cabin has failed.
00058The windshield heating relay has failed.
00164The element that controls the charge of the battery has failed.
00183Faulty antenna in the remote engine start system.
00194The ignition key lock mechanism has failed.
00232One of the gearbox control units is faulty.
00240Faulty solenoid valves in the brake units of the front wheels.
00457 (EPC on some models)The main control unit of the onboard network is faulty.
00462The control units of the driver's and passenger's seats are faulty.
00465There was a malfunction in the navigation system of the car.
00474Faulty immobilizer control unit.
00476The control unit of the main fuel pump failed.
00479Faulty ignition remote control unit.
00532Failure in the power supply system (most often appears on VW Golf cars, is the result of manufacturer's flaws).
00588The squib in the airbag (usually the driver's) is faulty.
00909The windshield wiper control unit has failed.
00915Faulty power window control system.
01001The head restraint and seat back control system is faulty.
01018The main radiator fan motor failed.
01165Throttle control unit failed.
01285There was a general failure in the car's security system. This is extremely dangerous as the airbags may not deploy in the event of an accident.
01314The main control unit of the engine has failed (most often appears on VW Passat cars). Continued operation of the vehicle may cause the engine to seize. You should immediately contact the service center.
p2002 (on some models - p2003)The diesel particulate filters need to be replaced on the first or second row of cylinders.

Thus, the list of errors that appear on the dashboard displays of Volkswagen cars is quite wide. In most cases, elimination of these errors requires computer diagnostics and the help of a qualified specialist.

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