A variety of bike racks for a car, a rating of the best models
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A variety of bike racks for a car, a rating of the best models


There are various devices for transporting a bike by car. The owner can only decide how to transport his favorite two-wheeled sports equipment and buy fasteners suitable for the car body.

Residents of dusty and stuffy megacities like to go out of town on weekends to ride a bike along the grassy paths of meadows and fields, inhaling not car exhausts, but clean air. But the problem is the transportation of two-wheeled vehicles by car. Well, if the bike is folding, it can be put into the cabin. But what if there are several bikes or you have to transport them in an assembled state. Then the drivers pick up the bike mount on the car on the roof rails, on the tow hitch or the tailgate.

Types of fasteners

There are various devices for transporting a bike by car. The owner can only decide how to transport his favorite two-wheeled sports equipment and buy fasteners suitable for the car body.

At the lighthouse

The hitch is a towing device (hook with a ball). Its main purpose is to attach the trailer to the car body. The towbar can carry ATVs, snowmobiles, and other small vehicles.

Tow bars come with and without platforms. When fastening without a platform, bicycles are suspended by the frame, fixed at 2 points and additionally tightened with straps between them.

A variety of bike racks for a car, a rating of the best models

Rack bike rails

If there is a towbar platform on it, the bicycles are fixed rigidly at 3 points (for both wheels and the frame) and locked. The peculiarity of the installation of two-wheeled vehicles on the platform platform is that the bicycles do not touch each other, which means that they are not damaged when the car is moving. Platform platforms have an inclined function, so they do not interfere with access to the luggage compartment. The hook mount allows you to safely carry up to 4 bikes at the same time.

Towbar bike racks are not cheap, especially if you don’t have to transport two-wheeled vehicles often or the car doesn’t have a hook with a ball. Its additional acquisition, installation and design will result in a hefty amount. The advantage of towbar fasteners is that one of the bicycles can be easily detached from it without dismantling the entire structure. Access to the trunk is not blocked, it is used as usual.

On the roof

This is one of the oldest methods of transporting two-wheelers. Sports equipment is installed on the roof and fixed by both wheels and frame or fixed by wheels and fork. Up to 4 adult bikes can be placed on top, but it all depends on the model of the machine. Budget mount for a bike on a car on the roof on the roof rails is made of steel. Premium models are made from durable aluminum alloys. Usually they are equipped with locking devices to prevent the theft of sports equipment and additionally keep it on the roof of the car.

The disadvantage of fixing on the upper trunk of the car is the deterioration of aerodynamics associated with the resistance to oncoming air flow by parts of the bike.

It is also necessary to constantly remember that there is such a load on the roof of the car. Otherwise, you may not fit into the garage, grotto, under the bridge, damage sports equipment and the car itself.

To the back door

Owners of large SUVs are often unable to independently load powerful two-wheeled vehicles on top of the car and fix them there. The way out is to mount sports equipment on the back door. A similar system is designed for station wagons, SUVs, crossovers and other cars with rear doors.

A variety of bike racks for a car, a rating of the best models

Rear bike rack

Fasteners for the rear car door are a structure welded from steel pipes. It is attached with 6 straps to the back door. The 2 top straps are equipped with a self-tensioning mechanism. The design can withstand a load of up to 1500 kg, it is mainly intended for transporting 3 bicycles, which are fixed with holders. After use, the latch is removed, folded.

There are bike racks on the rear door of the car, mounted on the trunk lid. Bicycles are fixed at 2 points and hang on frames. They are tied together with straps. Or two-wheeled sports equipment is placed on rails, tied to the frame and both wheels. The second option provides a more rigid mount.

This method of transportation has less effect on aerodynamics than a bike rack on a car on the roof on rails. You do not need to lift the inventory high and it is easier to maneuver along the road with a load attached to the rear door.

But this method of transportation has its drawbacks. If you have a spare tire that hangs on the rear door, the wheel will have to be dismantled. Bicycles heavily load the rear of the car, block access to the luggage compartment, hide license plates, which is fraught with a fine.

Overview of the best fastening structures

The cost of bike racks for the trunk of a car, for a towbar, for a rear door for transporting bicycles is varied. On sale there are simple models for 500-700 rubles and designs for 70.

The price depends on the type of fastener, the quality of the material from which it is made, the reliability of the device, brand promotion, the presence of additional mechanisms (locks, latches), and design.


Budget fasteners for car roofs can be purchased for 700 rubles. More expensive models from popular brands cost from 3000. For this money, Thule Freeride 532, MontBlanc RoofSpin devices are offered. At the same time, manufacturers give a guarantee that the two-wheeled vehicle will be securely fixed and will not fall off the roof of the car, even with a dashing ride. The cheapest towbar mounts are 3 bike carriers (eg Menabo Marius). Their price starts from 3000 rubles.

Average in price

Fasteners for the upper trunk for more affluent buyers are estimated at 5000-17000 rubles. These are models from MontBlanc RoofRush and Thule Proride 591. They differ in the location of the locking handles on the top fastener bar, which is more convenient than at the base. With the help of such fixing structures, up to 4 bicycles can be transported at the same time (if the surface area allows it). The structures are installed on rails equipped with crossbars, or use T-shaped fasteners.

A variety of bike racks for a car, a rating of the best models

Bicycle mounts on railings

The middle price segment includes:

  • bike mount on the trunk of the car Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch worth from 10 7000;
  • bike rack "Allen Sport Deluxe" at a price of 7200 rubles;
  • Eclipse Black bike holder for 8120;
  • mounting structure Saris Bones 801 for 11 rubles.

Towbar devices from the manufacturer Thule (Sweden) cost from 5800, but at the same time they have a tilt function, using which you can freely open the trunk.


Premium models of mounts often receive a long (sometimes lifetime) manufacturer's warranty. They are made of durable material, equipped with additional mechanisms, have a beautiful design.

The expensive segment includes:

  • Thule 2 Bike Platform Hitch Rack starting at Rs.
  • Fasteners Thule 9031XT Vertex Swing Away 4 Hitch Mount Bike Carrier, for 26 3000 rubles.
  • Bicycle mount on the trunk of the car "Yakima Ridgeback" for 21.
  • Platform Yakima Products Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack at a price of 35280 rubles.
  • Thule EuroRide 943.
  • Menabo Winny Plus 3.
  • MontBlanc Apollo 3.
A variety of bike racks for a car, a rating of the best models

Tow bar mount

The last 3 fasteners are designed for fixing to the towbar, their cost is from 18000 rubles. They are supplemented with special platforms, turn signals, lighting for numbers.

But to use them, you will have to buy a more reliable strong towbar and connect the electrical wiring.

Expensive clamps are stronger than basic ones, but lighter and can withstand loads up to 60 kg. On the base it is impossible to transport cargo over 45 kg.

What to look for when buying

It is important to pay attention to the smallest details before purchasing a fastening system for two-wheeled sports equipment, especially if you are buying an expensive fastener.

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When buying a mount for transporting a bicycle to the trunk of a car, consider the following nuances:

  • The presence of all parts of the bike rack to install the mounting system. Sometimes you need to buy additional expensive accessories.
  • Choice of fastening structure suitable for the vehicle body type.
  • The ability of fasteners to firmly fix the entire transported bicycle.

The problem of moving two-wheeled sports equipment on a personal car has long been resolved. Manufacturers of mounting devices have created enough varieties with which you can transport bicycles on any model of car. It is only important to choose an affordable price segment for yourself, carefully consider the nuances of choosing mounts for your car and follow the rules of the road while traveling with such a load.

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