Comparison of OSAGO and CASCO policies - which company is cheaper? Report
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Comparison of OSAGO and CASCO policies - which company is cheaper? Report

Comparison of OSAGO and CASCO policies - which company is cheaper? Report The Polish Chamber of the Automotive Industry has checked how much you have to pay for civil liability and car insurance in several insurance companies. Premiums for different cars and drivers from seven cities were compared.

Comparison of OSAGO and CASCO policies - which company is cheaper? Report

PIM analysts compared auto insurance premiums in June. The offer has been tested by fourteen major insurance companies in Poland. Tariffs for TPL and AC policies were studied in seven cities: Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Wroclaw, Pila, Czestochowa and Olsztyn. Differences in rates in individual cities range from several hundred to several thousand zlotys. The most favorable tariffs are offered by director companies, i.е. companies that sell policies primarily by telephone and the Internet.

Here is the rating of the companies that scored the most points for low prices for OSAGO and CASCO in individual comparisons:

As PIM adds, a place in the table with a score of zero does not mean that this insurance company is the most expensive. It only means that the company has never ranked in the top five cheapest companies for individual driver profiles. 

Companies with the most attractive rates in the country are insurance companies operating mainly in the direct system: LINK4, AXA Direct, Proama. These companies now also sell policies through insurance agents and through other distribution channels such as banks or car dealerships.

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– Insurance companies have different approaches to risk assessment and, accordingly, to the rates and which vehicles they want to insure. Hence the huge price difference. If even with inexpensive cars they reach several thousand zł, it can be assumed that some companies do not want to insure certain cars and their rates are not competitive. It's always worth checking offers from different companies. It should also be remembered that when buying OSAGO and voluntary auto hull in one company, we can count on preferential prices. And, of course, we should always check the scope and conditions of insurance, says Roman Kantorski, President of the Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry.

PIM examined the prices of compulsory third party liability insurance policies, as well as third party liability and comprehensive insurance packages. The analysis covers used vehicles and drivers with different risk profiles, ages and “claims” histories, which is one of the main factors influencing insurance premiums. Thanks to the Insurance Guarantee Fund, insurance companies can easily check at the conclusion of the contract whether and when we caused the collision or traffic accident. If so, we will pay more. You should not provide false information about this, as in the event of damage, this may lead to the refusal to pay part of the compensation.

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The place of residence also matters for the size of the third party liability insurance premium. The price of a civil liability policy offered by this insurance company for the same driver and car in Pila and Warsaw in the same company may differ by a factor of two. In larger cities such as Wroclaw, Krakow and Poznań, we will pay much more for insurance than, for example, in Olsztyn or Częstochowa.

Many other factors affect the price of your insurance. Not only what kind of car we have and how many kilometers we drive in it a year, but also whether we have a family and whether we carry children by car - then, according to the insurer, we drive more carefully, and therefore we will pay less for politics.

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In the case of car hull, the parking place is important because of the risk of theft. Preference is given to garages and guarded parking lots. Our age, and therefore driving experience, also matters. Insurers value more people who have spent more years behind the wheel.

Gender according to the rules of the European Union cannot be taken into account. In any case, the common stereotype that women drive worse and have more accidents is not covered by statistics. Women are safer drivers in terms of insurance risk.

The analysis includes used cars that were among the most frequently registered in their classes in 2012: Ford Fiesta, Opel Astra, Skoda Octavia, Kia Sportage. The sources of information on policy prices were offices of insurance companies, policy sales agents, websites and hotlines. Tested prices are rates for individual customers, excluding the so-called. dealer packages and fleet insurance.

View auto insurance and liability rates for cars and drivers included in the comparison:

Compiled by ATP based on PIM information

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