Twins - Stroller choice for twins
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Twins - Stroller choice for twins

It is undeniable that parents of twins should pay great attention to choosing the right stroller. They often forget important aspects such as car trunk capacity, front door width, elevator or public transport buses. The stroller for twins affects the mobility of mom and dad. If chosen incorrectly, it can cause significant logistical problems. What to look for when buying a baby stroller?

First of all, we must understand that there is no universal model. Each family has its own individual needs, so different criteria will be important for it. We also have different metric options. However, there are features that any good twin stroller should have and that you should look out for.

twin stroller weight

The most important characteristic of a good stroller is its weight. The fact is that daily use often requires a lot of strength. In the first five months of life, your baby's birth weight doubles. If we assume that a newborn weighs on average about 3000 g, then in six months babies weighing more than 12 kg will be in a twin stroller. Therefore, the weight of the car should be as low as possible, but at the same time it should guarantee us stability.

Trolley and dimensions

Twin strollers are 100 to 170 cm long - in the case of side-by-side strollers - and 65 to 92 cm wide when it is a side-by-side stroller. When choosing the appropriate dimensions, we must first carefully analyze the conditions in which we live and evaluate the transport capabilities of this model. The width of the seat will also matter. It often happens that a narrower stroller has a wider child seat than a larger one. Usually we buy a model for two years, so the width of the seat is of great importance for the comfort of the little ones. Side-by-Side carts are most often less than 80 cm wide, so they should fit easily through standard doors.

Model wheels

Wheels are a very important element of a stroller when it comes to ease of use. The larger they are, the easier it will be to push the cart over different types of terrain. If we are looking for a model for riding on hard ground, in principle any type of wheel will do. If we plan to walk through the forest or along country paths, inflated or foam rubber wheels are better. Plastic wheels provide little cushioning. To make it more convenient to control the stroller for twins, it is worth using swivel wheels. To raise the car, you do not need to make great efforts.

Suitable seat

When choosing a model of a double stroller for babies who are not yet able to sit on their own, we focus on deep gondolas. Only when the kids have mastered the art of maintaining an upright position, you can decide on a stroller seat, which must be equipped with seat belts. In addition, we pay attention to railings, which also provide protection. Considerable convenience is the separately adjustable position of the seats. Then one child can be lowered to a lying position, while the other child can continue riding in a sitting position. 

Side by side or side by side stroller?

When choosing a two-seater wheelchair, the main dilemma is whether to choose a one-by-one or side-by-side model. The first is commonly known as the "tram". Its advantage is that the kids do not interfere with each other. This is especially important when one of the children falls asleep during a walk, and the other wants to continue to admire the world around him. However, you should know that one of the children will not be able to look back during a walk, because he can see the back of a brother or sister. Can't see the parent either.

The advantage of a narrow cart is that it is easier for us to drive through the door, shop, squeeze between cars on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to turn due to the length. Side by side model is wider. This allows children to integrate. However, you must first measure the front door or check the dimensions of the elevator. Therefore, the choice of a particular model will depend on the individual housing possibilities and preferences of a given family. Some moms prefer one-by-one strollers, for others, side-by-side models are the best choice.

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