Misconception: "A hybrid car and an electric car are the same thing."

Misconception: "A hybrid car and an electric car are the same thing."

With the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, this can be difficult to see. Mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric car… They all use electricity, but there are still important differences between a hybrid car and an electric car.

Is it true: “An electric car and a hybrid car are the same thing”?

Misconception: "A hybrid car and an electric car are the same thing."


The ecological transition is demanding, and electric and hybrid vehicles are proliferating in French and European fleets. But just because both use electricity rather than fossil fuels (gasoline or diesel), that doesn't mean that an electric car and a hybrid car don't have significant differences.

Unlike what is called heat engineThe electric vehicle does not use fuel or engine combustion to generate power. Its work is based on a motor supplied with electricity and a battery.

An electric vehicle's battery is charged with electricity, which it stores to send it to the electric motor. a stator creates a magnetic field that rotates rotor to transfer rotational energy to the wheels that propel the vehicle forward.

The electric vehicle is also capable of generating electricity on its own thanks to a regenerative braking system. When you release the accelerator or brake pedal, your electric motor generates electricity, which is stored in the battery again.

But a hybrid car is, as the name suggests, a hybrid! It is something like a mixture of a thermal car and an electric car. Moreover, the hybrid car has two motors : conventional heat engine and electric motor.

There are different types of hybrid vehicles:

  • Themild hybridization : the electric motor cannot independently drive the car and serves as a support for the heat engine;
  • Thecomplete hybridization : the electric motor can be used independently for short distances;
  • La plug-in hybrid car : The battery can be charged as in an electric car, and the electric motor can run when this battery is discharged.

A hybrid car is powered by both engines. Moreover... Starting is done by an electric motor, but it is the heat motor that provides the power needed for significant acceleration. While driving, the two engines can work together or separately, depending on what is required of the car in terms of power.

This is the big difference between electric car and a hybrid car: electric car equipped with a special motor that only runs on electricity. A hybrid car has multiple engines and combines thermal energy, usually gasoline, with electricity.

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