Replacing the front brake pads with a VAZ 2114-2115

Replacing the front brake pads with a VAZ 2114-2115

It goes without saying that the front brake pads on the VAZ 2114-2115 wear out much faster than the rear ones. This is due to the fact that more force is transmitted to the front, and also the front wheels begin to block earlier. Of course, many owners know how to perform this procedure, but there are also many who will do it for the first time. It is for them that this guide will be written.

First of all, it is worth noting that to carry out this maintenance point of the VAZ 2114-2115, you will need a small list of tools, which is given below in the list:

  • flat blade screwdriver
  • head 13
  • rattle or collar
  • open-end or ring spanner 13

tool for replacing the front pads on the VAZ 2114-2115

So, first you need to remove the front wheel, first lifting the car with a jack. After that, from the inside of the caliper, you need to bend the locking plates (washers) with a screwdriver in order to unscrew the bolts in the future:

bend the plates of the caliper bolts on the VAZ 2114-2115

Now you can easily unscrew the top bolt with a 13 wrench:

the bolt of the caliper bracket for the VAZ 2114-2115

Also, it is worth immediately taking the brake hose to the side, removing it from its engagement with the rack:


You can now try to lift the caliper bracket up to gain access to the front brake pads. If you can't do this with your hand, then you can first pry it all off with a thick screwdriver:

how to remove the front brake pads on a VAZ 2114-2115

Then everything should be easy enough and the bracket rises up without any problems:

how to get to the front brake pads on the VAZ 2114-2115

As you can see, the pads become fully accessible and can now be removed without any problems:

replacement of the front brake pads on a VAZ 2114-2115

Then you can install new pads. You can buy them at a price of 300 to 700 rubles per set for a VAZ 2114-2115, depending on the manufacturer. Of course, cheap ones are unlikely to please you with their efficiency, and the durability is not the same as that of better quality imported ones. For example, firms such as Ferodo or ATE have proven themselves well. Installation is in the reverse order.

There is one more point worth mentioning. It is possible that after replacing the pads, the caliper caliper will not fit into place from above, as the brake cylinder will interfere. To do this, then you need to drown the cylinder piston with a hammer handle, or other improvised device.

how to put in place the brake cylinder on a VAZ 2114-2115

Then we repeat the procedure and now everything should work out without any difficulties.

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