Fuse Box

BMW 7 E23 (1977-1987) – fuse box

Year: 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987.

Cigarette lighter fuse (socket) in Volkswagen Amarok. Fuse 4 is located in the fuse block.

FuseAmpere [A]description115Fuel supply/fuel vapor control Control

idle speed

28Headlights (right low beam)38Headlights (left low beam)425Cigar lighters58Active steering control

Self-charging flashlight indicators

central locking lamp



Heated door lock

Key warning/seat belt warning

Interior lighting

Lighting: return/warning of danger


Radio antenna/on-board power supply

Trunk light

68Active control

Emergency lighting/transmission lighting

Brake pad warning

Cruise control

Lucy access


Indicators on the dashboard Adjusting the idle speed

Interior lighting


Windshield power supply

Warning about unfastened seat belts.


78Headlights (left, right, high beam)88Headlights (left, right, high beam)98Control – Active control

Dashboard lighting

Lighting: Parking front/rear/bottom

Lighting: Rear indicator/License

108Lights Active control : front parking space/rear parking space1116Active controls

control signals


Windshield wiper/washer with turn signals/hazard warnings.

128Radio with active control/.

Antenna with electric brake lights/.

Cruise control warning indicators

1325Rear hatch/roof1425Automatic heater-air conditioner


vacuum pump with fan

158Fog lights (right)168Fog lights (left)1725Auxiliary fanRelayR1Fuel pump relayR2Auxiliary fan relay (speed 1)R3Low beam relayR4Purge valve relayR5High beam relayR6Horn relayR7Low beam relayR8Fog relayR9Hazard relay
Fuse Rated current [A] description 115 Headlights (left high beam, right low beam) 215 Headlights (right high beam, left low beam) 315 Additional fan 91°C (196°F) 415Lighting: return/hazard warning530Windshield wipers/washers, jet defoggers67,5Active control, brake lights/cruise control/map lights715Corno8––915Reversing lights, fuel control (engine electrical)107,5Active control control, brake hose warning , on-board computer, seat belt warning, maintenance interval indicator, speedometer/instruments/warning lamps 1115 Fuel supply (main and auxiliary pump) 127,5 Active control, on-board computer, radio (radio fuse), direction indicators. 137,5 Headlights (left, low beam)147,5Headlights (right, low beam)15––1630Additional fan, vacuum pump, heater/air conditioning1715Heating/Air conditioning, Interior lighting, Power mirrors, Power windows, Seat belt reminder, Brake lights/Cruise control , Heated windshield1830Auxiliary fan 99°C (210°F)1930Sunroof, heated seats2030Listen Defogger217,5Active control control, automatic headlamp charging, turn signals, glove box light, interior light, trip computer, radio, service interval indicator, trunk light, belt bell security, memory, clock 227,5 Active check, lights: Front parking/tail237,5 Check-Control active, rear heater, Lighting: Front park/tail branch, Lighting: Display/Dashboard, Lighting: Marking on the back Lighting: tail/hazard lights, engine compartment lighting, license plate number 2415Lighting: Hazard warning, door bell 25––2630 Electric seats, electric windows. 2730 Central locking, heated locking, on-board computer, alarm 2830 Cigarette lighter, electric antenna (radio fuse) 297,5 Fog lights (left fog lights). 307,5 Fog lights (right fog lights) .3230Auxiliary fuse (not used)3330Auxiliary fuse (not used)RelayR1 Fuel pump relay R2 Windshield wiper control unit R3 Low beam control relay R4 Low beam relay R5 High beam relay R6 Horn relay R7 Auxiliary fan relay (speed 1) R8 Fog lamp relay R9 Relay discharge (heated rear window, power sunroof, heated seats) R10 Auxiliary fan relay (speed 2) R11A alarm relay (heating fan) R12 Heating relay with oxygen sensor

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