Fuse Box

Ferrari 458 (2009-2015) - fuse box

Year: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.

Cigarette lighter fuse (socket) in Ferrari 458 (2009-2015). Fuse F44 is located in the fuse block.

Number Ampere [A] description F1215 Traffic light on the right F1315 Traffic light on the left F317,5 ENT/A for the relay coils of the instrument panel of the ECU assembly and on-board computer F3210 Dome lighting, footlights and step lighting. Side turn signal relay coil F3330Special: Brembo EPB system left engine F3430Spider: Suspension control unit


Suitable engine for Brembo EPB system

F357,5 Brake light control, clutch control, air conditioning assembly F3610 Volumetric and anti-theft system, parking sensors, fuel relay coil F3710 Brake light control, instrument panel assembly, suspension control assembly F3815 Trunk lock actuator F3915 Dashboard ECU devices (NBC connection) F4030 Heated rear window F427,5 Generator15Special: Free download USBF4330Washer/wiper relay power supplyF4420Passenger seat heater, cigarette lighterF4730Driver side door,driver side power windowsF4830Passenger side door,passenger side power windowF497,5Rain and dusk sensor, parking sensors, parking brake control, steering wheel adjustment control columns, emergency lighting, steering unit controls, differential control unit, radio, CAN box interface F507,5 Airbag unit, weight sensor F517,5 Semi-automatic transmission unit F5215 Socket, driver's seat heating F5310 Power supply for instrument cluster unitRelayT0120 Low beam relayT1130 Heated rear window relayT1230Service relay 1 (depending on ignition switch INT/A)T1350Jumper (power service 2)
Number Ampere [A] Description F0160Spider: +30 radiator fan relay 240Special: Right radiator fan relay F0230Spider: +30 ABS (valve)

Special: Protection fuses F97, F98 for ABS

F0330Spider: +30 Hard upper unit (pump).F0450+30 ABS (pump)F0540+30 Air conditioning unitF0650Spider: +30 radiator fan relay 140Special: Left radiator fan relay F0720+30 Relay horn F087,5 Air conditioning and heating compressor F097,5+30 Additional brake light (third brake light) F1015Spider: +30 fuel pump relay 1

Special: Tire pressure monitoring system + DRL control unit

F1125 Lambda probe on the left bank F1415Spider: +30 high beam relay10Special: +30 high beam relay F157,5Spider: +30 Power supply for EPB activated traffic light control relay, right headlight LED module power relay10Special: +30 EPB activated traffic light relay power supply, right headlight LED module power relayF 1625+30 Right side engine power supply F1725+30 Left side engine power supply F1810+30 Left cylinder bank injection system, left cylinder bank main injection relay F1910+30 Correct system power injection of a group of cylinders. F2030+30 main relay of the injection system of the right bank of cylinders F2115Spider: +30 fuel pump relay 230Special: +30 Ignition switch protection F2215 Left edge (ignition coil) F2310Spider: +30 ABS (electronic)30Special: Suspension control unit F2415 Right side (ignition coil) F3030 Amplifier relay +30 HI-FIF8140Spider: +30 Additional power supply to the control unit50Special: Fuel pump ECU F8270+30 Dashboard ECU and hi ECU on driver's side rear panel iiF8350+30 air pump relay F8415Spider: +30 fuel pump relay 130Special: F94 F95 F96 fuse protection F8525 Headlight washers F8725 Oxygen sensors on the right seat F8810 + 15 Injection system in the left cylinder F8910 + 15 Injection system in the right cylinder F9115Spider: +30 Tire pressure unit, left LED headlight module relay10Special: Mounting the left cylinder sensors F927,5Spider: +30 Generator detection10Special: Direct Cylinder Mount SensorsF9330Spider: +30 Power switch7,5Special: Ionization engine control unitF9415+30 Japanese radio/CAN box/ICP/hook spring/navigation system stabilizer.F9510+30 Power stabilizerF967,5Special: Ignition switch +15, stabilized button F9730Spider: +30 Stabilizer for Becker amplifier

Special: Hydraulic ABS

F9810Special: ABS electronicsRelayT0230 High beam relay T0330Spider: Second speed fuel pump relay T0530Spider: Fuel pump relay 2T0630Spider: Glove box relay T0750 Horn relay T0830 Air conditioning and heating compressor relay T0930 Left cylinder main injection system relay T1030 Right cylinder bank main injection system relay T1430Spider: Fuel pump relay 1T1710 INT/A relay (devices turn off when turned on) 20T1930 Traffic light control relay activated by EPBT2030Spider: Start relayT2610First speed wiper relay20T2710Second speed wiper relay20T2830Della pompa lavavetro relayT2930Auxiliary brake light relay (third brake light)T3050Air pump relayT3130Headlight washer pump relayT3730Spider: Radiator Fan Relay 2

Special: Stabilized power +15 for button illumination

T3830Power supply for left headlight LED moduleT3930Power supply for right headlight LED moduleT4030Spider: Radiator Fan Relay 1

Special: Relay to start

Number Ampere [A] Description F5415+30 Transmission cooling fan F5630Spider: +30 landing with unit F577,5 Side turn indicators 1 (front left and rear right) F597,5 Power supply for reversing lights F6030Spider: +30 passenger position node

Special: Active aerodynamics

F617,5 Driver position unit +30 (electronic), front link F627,5Spider: +30 Passenger position unit (electronic).F6315Spider: +30 main relay for semi-automatic transmission20Special: +30 main relay for semi-automatic transmission F647,5 Fuel tank flap drive power F6520 + 30 Door lock activator F667,5 + 30 semi-automatic transmission unit F677,5 Side turn indicators 2 (front right and rear left) F7815 + 30 Charger F8030 + 30 starting relayRelayT2150Side relayT2230Reverse light relayT2330Fuel relayT2430Transmission cooling fan relayT2530Semi-automatic transmission main relayT4330Spider: Activation of switching relay R1–Power relay at start-up R2–Power relay at start-up

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