Fuse Box

Fiat Ulysse II (2002-2011) - fuse box


Fiat Ulysse II (2002-2011) – Fuse diagram

Production year: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

Cigarette lighter fuse (electrical socket) for Fiat Ulysse II 2002-2011. this is a fuse 7 In the fuse box on the instrument panel.

Fuse box in the glove box

Fiat Ulysse II (2002-2011) - fuse box

Fiat Ulysse - fuses - instrument panel
roomAmpere [A]description
110Rear fog lights
215Rear window defogger
415Main electronic controller power supply
510Stop light left


Illuminated glove compartment on the passenger side;

Automatic rear view mirror.

930Front roof;


1020Diagnostic connector
1115Electronic alarm;

Infotelematico Connect system;

System sound;

Multifunction display;

Steering column controls;

Particulate filter.

1210Place the light on the right;

License plate illumination;

Air conditioning system lighting;

Ceiling light

(first, second and third row).

1430Door locking system
1530Rear wiper
165Airbag system power supply;

Power supply to the main control unit.

1715Traffic light on the right;

Third traffic light;

Trailer brake lights.

1810Power diagnostic connector;

Brake switch and clutch pedal.

2010Providing public addresses for

main electronic control unit

2210Left side light;

Trailer side light.

2315Electronic alarm siren
2415Supply of parking sensors for the main electronic control unit
2640Rear window defogger

User side fuse box

In the storage compartment on the floor, in front of the passenger seat, next to the battery; To access it, remove the cover.

Fiat Ulysse II (2002-2011) - fuse box

Fiat Ulysse II - fuses - on battery
roomAmpere [A]description
140Electric sliding door right
240Electric sliding door left
330hi-fi amplifier
4-Free options
29-Free options
30-Free options
31-Free options
3225Driver's seat, electrically adjustable
3325Electrically adjustable passenger seat
3420Roof of the third arm
3520Second row hatch
3610Heated passenger seat
3710Heated driver's seat
3815Electrical child safety device
3920Rear 12V power outlet in third row
402012V socket on driver's seat.

Engine compartment fuse box

Fiat Ulysse II (2002-2011) - fuse box

Fiat Ulysse II - Fuses - engine compartment
roomAmpere [A]description
110Reverse switch;

Xenon headlights;

Electric fan control;

Engine coolant level;

Heated diesel filter;

Preheating the spark plug;

Speed ​​control system;

Air flow indicator.

215Fuel pump;

Exhaust gas recirculation system and turbocharger control.



410Key energy supply for

Main electronic control unit.

510Diesel Particulate Filter System
615Front fog lights
720Headlight washers
820Power relay for

main electronic control unit;

Electric fan control relay;

Pressure control solenoid valve

Recirculation of diesel fuel and exhaust gases.

915Dive beam left;

Headlights corrector.

1015Light beam to the right
1110Traffic light on the left
1210Traffic light on the right
1410Windshield washer pump –

rear wiper pump.

1530Lambda probe;


Spark plug;

Tin solenoid valve;

Injection pump solenoid valve.

1730Cleaning machines
1840Additional fans
roomAmpere [A]description
MAXI-Fuse50Electric fan

(second speed).

MAXI-Fuse30electric fan ESP
MAXI-Fuse60Power supply to main control unit 1
MAXI-Fuse70Power supply to main control unit 2
MAXI-Fuse30Electric fan

(first speed).

MAXI-Fuse40Fiat code system
MAXI-Fuse50Additional fans for air conditioning

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