Fuse Box

Ford Focus (1999-2004) - Fuse box


Ford Focus (1999-2004) - Fuse box diagram

Production year: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.

Cigarette lighter fuse (electrical socket) for Ford Focus (1999-2004). Fuse 47 is located in the passenger compartment fuse box.

Additional fuse box (engine compartment)

Ford Focus (1999-2004) - Fuse box
Ford Focus - fuses - engine compartment
No.Ampere [A]description
140Main power supply
2-Not used
340Glow plug heater 2
450Heated windshield
560Candeletta (Diesel)
630Engine cooling fan (air conditioning)
740Main power supply
920Engine management
101Battery voltage sensor
1130ABS pump
1215Fuel pump;

Diesel injection pump.

1330Headlight washers
1410Daytime running lights

(Parking lights)

1510A/C Clutch Solenoid Valve
1615Bright intersection on the left
1715Overtaking lights on the right side
1810Sensor sensor H02S


19-Not used
2010Engine management
2120ABS valves
2220Daytime running lights

(xenon headlights only)

2320Additional heater


Alarm power supply

Acoustics (ST170 only).

2420Spark plug heater 1;

Subwoofer (solo ST170).

2515Daytime running lights

(regular headlights only)

2610Running lights, left side
2710Traffic lights on the right
2810Heated windshield;

Oil heater;


2930Engine cooling fan

(air conditioner)

6430Heater fan motor
6530Engine cooling fan

Central fuse box (passenger compartment)

Ford Focus (1999-2004) - Fuse box
Ford Focus - fuses - interior
No.Ampere [A]description
3010Light Switch
3215Turn signal (GEM)
3320Horn, electric seat
3420electric sunroof
357,5Interior lighting;

Electric mirrors.

367,5Electronic forms;


3725Electric windows;

Central locking (left side).

3825Electric windows;

Central locking (right side).

39-Not used
4010Luce di Retromarcia
417,5Radio (optional equipment)
4215Stop lights
4315Electric windows;

Rear wiper.

4420Front and rear fog lights
457,5Air conditioning;

Air recirculation.

467,5ABS module

Central socket.

4810Data connector
4925Rear window defogger
507,5Heated mirrors
51-Not used
5215Heated front seats
5310Reversing light;

Heated washing nozzles.

54-Not used
5525Front power windows
577,5Position the headlights on the right side
587,5Side lights, left side
5910Light Switch
607,5Modular airbag
617,5Instrument panel electronic modules
627,5License plate lighting
6320central locking

(on the back of the fuse box).

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