Hydraulic clutch: role, service and price

Hydraulic clutch: role, service and price


A hydraulic clutch refers to a specific clutch model that operates using clutch fluid. In most cases, this fluid is the same as the vehicle's brake fluid and will be pressurized by the clutch system. Find out how it works, signs of wear, the cost of replacing a hydraulic clutch, and how to bleed it!

⚙️ How does the hydraulic clutch work?

Hydraulic clutch: role, service and price

On manual transmission and automatic transmission, the car has clutch system allowing rotation transmission engine into the box and Wheels the world... Depending on the clutch model, the clutch control can be mechanical using cable or hydraulic with brake fluid.

This article will focus on the hydraulic clutch. This is triggered as soon as the motorist activates clutch pedal, the fluid will be pressurized to circulate in the clutch circuit. Thus, its role is to set in motion other elements. Clutch kit.

Then a clutch system consisting of transmitter и receiver, will activate its piston. He will pressurize these two elements to cause clutch fork then cork... Thus, the stop allows the pressure plate to be actuated and Clutch disc.

Thus, during strike, the various elements are separated so that you can change gears and when grab, the parts come into contact with the engine energy again to engage the clutch system.

There are some exceptions where the hydraulic clutch does not have a fork, this fork replaced by a hydraulic stop which behaves like a receiver.

🛑 What are the signs of wear on the hydraulic clutch?

Hydraulic clutch: role, service and price

The hydraulic clutch, like the mechanical clutch, must be replaced every 100 to 000 kilometers... As soon as the hydraulic clutch starts to fail, you will see the following signs of wear:

  • Clutch pedal behaving abnormally : it can be very hard or very soft and gets stuck on the floor when used;
  • Vibrations appear : they are felt on the clutch pedal when pressed;
  • Difficult gear shifting : the transmission loses controllability and may squeak during use;
  • One brake fluid leak : if the circuit is damaged, the brake fluid will flow into the system, but it can also form puddles under the car;
  • The car is trying to start : starting becomes more difficult, the engine can also stall or cause jerking;
  • The clutch is noisy : They can appear as friction, squeak or click.

💧 How to bleed air from the hydraulic clutch?

Hydraulic clutch: role, service and price

Bleeding the hydraulic clutch is essential to ensure proper operation and durability. If you want to perform this operation yourself, use the following tools and follow the steps below.

Required material:

Clutch fluid bottle

Protective gloves

Trash bin

Flexible hose

Step 1. Access the clutch fluid reservoir.

Hydraulic clutch: role, service and price

Locate the clutch fluid reservoir in the engine compartment under the hood of the vehicle. You will need to fill the container with new fluid.

Step 2. Remove air from the system

Hydraulic clutch: role, service and price

Now that the reservoir is full, take the pipe and position it at the level of the bleed screw under the clutch slave cylinder. Place a drip tray below this area. This way you can open the bleed screw, but a second person should help you bleed the system by continuously depressing the clutch pedal.

Step 3: add clutch fluid

Hydraulic clutch: role, service and price

As soon as there is no air in the circuit and only new fluid flows out inside the tank, the blowdown can be stopped. Close the bleed screw and check the clutch fluid level.

💰 How much does it cost to replace a hydraulic clutch?

Hydraulic clutch: role, service and price

A hydraulic clutch is usually more expensive than a mechanical clutch. This is due to the quality of its parts, the hydraulic clutch kit is sold between 400 and 1 €.

As for changing it, the operation is as long as for the mechanical model, because it requires 4 to 6 hours of work an experienced mechanic. Depending on the establishment, hourly wages will vary from 25 euros and 100 euros.

In general, the bill will be between 600 euros vs 1 euros to replace the hydraulic clutch in the garage.

The hydraulic clutch is a special model, the work of which is provided by forcing the clutch fluid. It resists mechanical cabling and can detect leaks in pipes that carry liquid over time!

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