Restyled Kia Cerato 2015
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Restyled Kia Cerato 2015

The world saw the first generation of this model in 2004. Then the car seemed quite budgetary and cheap, but it was then that the Koreans began their ascent to the technological Olympus, gradually outstripping competitors, making changes not only in the functionality of the car, but radically working out the design and even the body, in each new generation.

In the second generation, many critics found something in common with Honda models. Perhaps this determined the success of the Korean woman at that time, but nevertheless, the design of the model was distinctive.

Restyled Kia Cerato 2015

Kia Cerato 2015 photo restyling

The third and final generation, Cerato, was presented in 2012. There was a sensation again. The novelty was absolutely not similar to the predecessor of the second generation. Three years later, the Koreans decided to transform the model, which is understandable. Cerato performs in class "C", and there are a lot of uncompromising competitors here: from presentable "Japanese" to dynamic "Europeans"!

The appearance of the new Kia Cerato 2015

The exterior is in line with the general corporate style of KIA. The powerful air intake at the bottom of the bumper, combined with the redesigned fog lamps, gave the car the look of an aggressive, uncompromising road user. Now Koreans have added a chrome strip to refresh the car's sporty image. But the most noticeable change is the new false radiator grille, which has now brought the younger model closer to the flagship Quoris sedan. The grille does not look foreign on the Cerato. Rather, it adds aggression, which was lacking in the pre-reform model.

Kia Cerato test drive 2015. Kia Cerato video review

The rear of the car was not left unchanged either. The innovations here lie in the redesign of the position of the signal sections and in the shape of the interior of the taillights. The reversing light is now located in the center of the inner segment of the rear optics. The direction indicators received a yellow filter instead of a white one.

Restyled Kia Cerato 2015

The appearance of the new Kia Cerato 2015 photo

The general design of lighting equipment has also changed in terms of side lights. The lighting lines have become even more similar to the Hyundai Genesis, but the shape of the BMW optics is guessed. The trunk lid has also undergone minor revisions. Now you can see the chrome strip here. Several new colors have been added to the body paint. In the new Kia Cerato 2015 restyling, the rims have also undergone changes. The elegance of the new models is intended to further enhance the effect of the car's luxurious appearance.

Interior Kia Cerato 2015 photo

There are fewer changes inside. The on-board computer screen has changed on the dashboard. It has become more colorful and informative. The alteration also affected the radio. The manufacturer has changed the functionality of the buttons. Now navigation through the library is carried out by buttons between the rotary knobs, and a mute button has been added.

Restyled Kia Cerato 2015

Interior of the new Kia Cerato photo

The seats have become more comfortable, their design has changed slightly. Options with leather trim received ventilation for the front seats. The power button is located almost at hand. In general, the interior trim remained at the same level. All the same pleasant to the touch and visually expensive elements.

Specifications restyled Kia Cerato 2015

The engine range was supplemented by a new 1,8-liter DVVT engine producing 145 hp. and 175 Nm of torque at 4700 rpm. This engine can be paired with a six-speed manual transmission, or work in tandem with a six-speed automatic transmission. The already familiar 1,6-liter Gamma and 2,0-liter Nu engines also remain in service.
There are no changes in terms of suspension. The classic MacPherson is installed in front. Behind - a semi-independent suspension based on a torsion beam.

Restyled Kia Cerato 2015

Kia Cerato 2015 restyling specifications

Advantages and disadvantages of the new Kia Cerato

Among the advantages of the Korean woman, it should be noted a large luggage compartment with a low loading fit and opening width, a low central tunnel, high quality of assembly and materials. Good tuning of engines and transmissions allows you to feel the high potential of the car.
The disadvantages include all the same problems with the rear suspension, which still does not differ in energy consumption. Hence, certain inconveniences arise when driving on imperfect roads.
In conclusion, we can say that the Kia Cerato 2015 did not lose the advantages inherent in this model earlier, but it also changed, becoming even more expensive and attractive.

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