P2296 A high rate of the fuel pressure regulator control circuit 2
OBD2 Error Codes

P2296 A high rate of the fuel pressure regulator control circuit 2

P2296 A high rate of the fuel pressure regulator control circuit 2

OBD-II DTC Datasheet

Fuel Pressure Regulator 2 Control Circuit High

What does this mean?

This Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is a generic transmission code, which means it applies to OBD-II equipped vehicles (Isuzu, Mazda, Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, GMC, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, etc.). Although general in nature, the specific repair steps may differ depending on the brand / model.

In my experience diagnosing the P2296 code, this means that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected a high voltage signal from the electronic fuel pressure regulator control circuit, indicated by the number 2. Systems with multiple electronic fuel pressure regulators are numbered. This may apply to a specific engine bank, but not always.

The PCM usually controls an electronic fuel pressure regulator. Battery voltage and ground signals are used to control the servomotor (in the fuel pressure regulator), which sets the valve so that the desired fuel pressure level can be achieved for any given situation. To adjust the fuel pressure regulator voltage as needed, the PCM monitors the fuel pressure sensor located in the fuel injector rail. When the voltage increases across the electronic fuel pressure regulator servo motor, the valve opens and the fuel pressure increases. Undervoltage on the servo causes the valve to close and the fuel pressure drop.

The fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure sensor are most often combined in one housing (with one electrical connector), but can be separate components.

If the actual voltage of the fuel pressure regulator control circuit is lower than the expected rate calculated by the PCM, P2296 will be stored and a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) may illuminate.

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Symptoms and severity

Because excessive fuel pressure can cause internal damage to the engine and catalytic converter and lead to various handling problems, the P2296 code should be classified as serious.

Symptoms of a P2296 code may include:

  • Engine misfire codes and idle speed control codes may also accompany P2296
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Delayed start when the engine is cold
  • Black smoke from the exhaust system


Possible reasons for setting this code:

  • Defective fuel pressure sensor
  • Defective fuel pressure regulator
  • Short circuit or open in the wiring and / or connectors in the fuel pressure regulator control circuit
  • Bad PCM or PCM programming error

Diagnostic and repair procedures

Diagnosing a P2296 code will require access to a diagnostic scanner, a digital volt / ohmmeter (DVOM), a suitable fuel gauge, and a reliable source of vehicle information (such as All Data DIY).

NOTE. Special care must be taken when using a hand-held pressure gauge. High pressure fuel on contact with hot surfaces or an open spark can ignite and cause a fire.

Visual inspection of the system wiring and connectors, with an emphasis on the harnesses and connectors on the top of the engine, has been fruitful for me in the past. The warm top of the engine seems to be popular with Varmint, especially in colder climates. Unfortunately, pests often gnaw at the wiring and connectors of the system repeatedly.

Then I connected the scanner to the car diagnostic port and retrieved the stored codes and freeze frame data. Recording this information can be helpful if the diagnostic process takes a long time. Clear the codes and test drive the vehicle if the engine starts.

If the code is cleared, check for proper voltage level and battery ground at the fuel pressure regulator. If voltage is not detected at the fuel pressure regulator connector, check the power supply relay and fuses by following the appropriate wiring diagram from the vehicle information source. If there is no ground, the wiring diagram can help you locate the fuel pressure regulator control ground and make sure they are secure.

Suitable voltage and ground circuits found on the fuel pressure regulator connector would prompt me to obtain fuel pressure characteristics from a vehicle information source and check the fuel system pressure with a pressure gauge. Remember to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for using the fuel gauge.

Monitor the fuel pressure manually with the fuel gauge when using the scanner to monitor the fuel system data. A faulty fuel pressure sensor can be the cause of your problems if the fuel pressure level displayed on the scanner does not match the actual fuel pressure. Changes in the control voltage of the fuel pressure regulator should reflect fluctuations in the actual pressure in the fuel rail. If not, suspect that either the fuel pressure regulator is defective, there is an open or short in one of the fuel pressure regulator control circuits, or that the PCM is defective.

Use the DVOM to test the electronic fuel pressure regulator and individual fuel pressure regulator control circuits and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Disconnect the controllers from the circuit before testing circuit resistance and continuity with the DVOM.

Additional diagnostic notes:

  • The fuel rail and associated components are under high pressure. Use caution when removing the fuel pressure sensor or fuel pressure regulator.
  • The fuel pressure check must be carried out with the ignition off and the key with the engine off (KOEO).

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