Why a properly functioning exhaust system is important
Exhaust system

Why a properly functioning exhaust system is important


No wonder you always want your car to be in good condition. You need to keep your tires inflated, your battery charged, your air conditioner running, etc. But when you think about running your car on all cylinders, nothing is more important than a properly functioning exhaust system.

The vehicle exhaust is responsible for smooth running, converting harmful gases and minimizing noise. It consists of an exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator and muffler, as well as exhaust pipes. When all of this works properly, the benefits to your vehicle are unparalleled. And we're going to explore why in this article.

How Exactly Does an Exhaust System Work?

Let's take a quick look at how the exhaust system works. The exhaust system process starts in the engine. The engine undergoes internal combustion, collecting air, mixing it with fuel and igniting the air-fuel mixture. Combustion produces waste products such as gases and carbon particles. The exhaust system filters waste and safely allows it to exit from under the bottom and rear of the car. As mentioned, this whole process helps the vehicle run, emit safer fumes, and reduce noise (primarily with a muffler).

What are the benefits of a good exhaust system?

Like most vehicle owners, you probably understand why it's important to have properly inflated tires and working headlights. The exhaust system, however, is a bit more complex and unknown to most drivers. So below are the biggest benefits of a properly functioning exhaust system.

Increased power

The exhaust system directly affects the power of your car. The faster and more efficiently an exhaust can't get rid of waste, useless gases, the more power it can radiate. However, your car, when it leaves the manufacturer's lot, is not designed to produce the most power. This only happens with a tuned aftermarket exhaust.

Two popular custom exhaust options that increase horsepower are the closed loop exhaust system and the high flow catalytic converter. The increase in the diameter of the exhaust pipes is directly related to horsepower; however, there is a size that stabilizes the results. So, research the make and model or consult your local mechanic.

Better fuel economy

What goes hand in hand with more power is better fuel economy. This, however, depends on finding the right balance between the increased pipe size. The engine burns more fuel to match the power output, so you need to trust a professional mechanic to find the balance for you. A custom exhaust usually consists of muffler, downpipe and catalytic converter modifications. Your vehicle will perform better with just about any aftermarket exhaust system upgrade.

Improved sound

A functioning exhaust also contributes to a better sound. The secondary purpose of a factory exhaust is to reduce the sound your car makes. However, aftermarket changes play a significant role here. You can add an exhaust cutout, remove the muffler, or add exhaust tips. If your exhaust is not working well, you will notice sound problems.

Great view

Last but not least, a well-functioning exhaust system enhances the look of your car. You can't see every element of an exhaust system, but the parts you see are important. For example, a dual exhaust system (which also improves performance) can be a great aesthetic choice for any car owner.

You can customize your exhaust

As mentioned, you can make your exhaust look even better by tweaking it. A custom exhaust has several advantages; many of which are improvements on the above principles. By tuning and constantly improving your exhaust system, you will also extend its life.

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