Fuse Box

Volkswagen Jetta (A3) (1992-1999) - fuse box

Fuse system for Volkswagen Jetta (A3) 1992-1999.

Production year: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Fuse box location

It is located under the dashboard, on the driver's side. Press the latches and remove the cover to access the fuses.

Fuse block diagram

Volkswagen Jetta (A3) (1992-1999) - fuse box

Purpose of fuses and relays in the instrument cluster

roomAmpere [A]description
110Left headlight (low beam);

Adjusting the light range

210Right headlight (low beam)
310License plate lighting
415ARear wiper and windshield washer
515AWindshield wiper/washer;


620AFan heater
710Side lights (right)
810Side lights (left)
920ARear window defogger
1015AFog lights
1110Left headlight (high beam)
1210Right headlight (high beam)
1410reversing lights;

Washing machine heaters;

Central locking;

Power side mirrors;

Heated seats;

Speed ​​control system;

Electric windows.


Intake manifold heating.

1615ADashboard lighting;

ABS indicator;

SRS indicator;



1710Emergency lighting;

Direction indicators.

1820AFuel pump;

Heated lambda probe.

1930ARadiator fan;

Air conditioner relay.

2010Stop lights
2115AInterior lighting;

Trunk lighting;

Central locking;


2210System sound;


R1Air conditioning
R2Rear wiper and windshield washer
R3The engine control unit
R5Not used
R6Direction indicator
R7Headlight washers
R8Windshield wiper and washer
R9Seat belts
R10Fog lights
R12Fuel pump
R13Intake manifold heater
R14Not used
R15ABS pump
R16Reversing light (Ecomatic)
R17Running lights (Eco-matic)
R18Low beam (Ecomatic)
R19Air conditioning 2.0/2.8 (1993) (fuse 30A)
R20Starter Interlock Switch
R21Oxygen sensor
R22Seat belt indicator
R23Vacuum pump (Ekomatic)
R24Electric windows (thermal fuse 20A)

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