Fuse Box

Volvo V40 (2013) - fuse box

Cigarette lighter (socket) fuse in Volvo V40 (2013) Fuse 25 is located in the fuse box in the engine compartment.

Fuse[A]description740ABS pump830ABS valves920Lavafari*1040Ventilatore11––1230Main fuse for fuses 32-361330Starter control solenoid valve

(without Start/Stop)

1440Power windshield, right side*.15––1640Left electric windshield*.1720Parking heater *1820Road sweepers195Central electronic module,

reference voltage,

backup battery (Start/Stop)

2015Corno215Brake lights22––235Headlight control245Internal relay coils2515V socket, in front of between-seat console12Transmission control module2615Electromagnetic clutch for air conditioning2715V socket, rear between-seat console2815Weather sensor*;

air intake butterfly motor

305 Engine control module (5 cylinders) 3120 Right seat electric drive * 3210 Relay coil

to the cooling fan relay

(4 cylinders, 5 cylinders diesel);

Lambda probe

(4-cylinder petrol);

Mass air flow meter


changeover valve,

EGR cooling (Diesel);

Control valve

fuel consumption

(5 diesel cylinders);

Control valve

fuel pressure

(5 diesel cylinders)

20Relay coil

to the cooling fan relay

(5-cylinder petrol);

Sin Lambda

(5-cylinder petrol)

3310 Air flow meter

(4-cylinder petrol);

EVAP valve

(4-cylinder petrol);

Injection valves

(5-cylinder petrol);

Check engine, turbo.

(4 diesel cylinders);

Fuel flow control valve

(4 diesel cylinders);

Piston cooling solenoid valve

(5 diesel cylinders);

Turbocharger control valve

(5 diesel cylinders);

Oil level gauge

(5 diesel cylinders)

3410 Valves (petrol);

Solenoids (petrol);

Sonda Lambda (diesel);

Crankcase heater

(5 cylinders);

Air mass meter

(5-cylinder petrol)

3510 Ignition coils (gasoline) 15 Diesel filter heater;

Glow Plug Controller

(5 diesel cylinders);

Oil pump,

Automatic transmission

(5-cylinder diesel start/stop)

3610 Engine control module (4 cylinders) 15 Engine control module (5 cylinders);

Throttle body (5-cylinder petrol)

375ABS3810Engine control module;

Transmission control module;

Air bag

3910Height adjustment *.405Electric servo4115Central electronic module42––4310Coolant pump (start/stop)445Collision warning system455Accelerator pedal sensor46–Charging point, backup battery47––48––

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