Replacing the rear shock absorbers on the Niva

Replacing the rear shock absorbers on the Niva

With a sufficiently strong wear of the rear shock absorbers, the handling of any car, not only the Niva, becomes noticeably worse. At high speed, when entering a turn, the car begins to heel, and if the shock absorbers leak, then driving becomes generally a torment. You have to listen to the terrible knocks of the suspension on almost every meter of the way, and take all the blows of fate on your ass!

In order to replace the rear shock absorbers on the Niva, it does not matter 2121, or 21213, 21214 - we need several keys and tools, a list of which is given below:

  • Socket head 19
  • Open-end or ring spanner 19
  • Crank and ratchet handle
  • Hammer
  • Penetrating lubricant

Performing work on the removal and installation of the rear shock absorbers of the Niva

The first step is to apply a penetrating lubricant to all threaded connections, which will have to be unscrewed in the future. Then wait a few minutes for the grease to penetrate!

Now you can proceed further. For more convenience, you can slightly raise the rear of the car with a jack, and then unscrew the lower shock absorber mount, approximately as shown in the picture:

how to unscrew the rear shock absorbers on the Niva

Now we are trying to remove the bolt, which can sometimes make the task quite difficult. You can use a hammer, but always through a wooden block, so as not to damage the thread (pictured without it):

how to knock out the shock absorber mounting bolt on the Niva

When you have coped with the bottom, you can proceed further. From above, we carry out all the actions in the same way:


And you can finally remove the shock absorber by knocking it off the upper hairpin to the side, as is clearly demonstrated below:

replacement of rear shock absorbers on the Niva

It remains to buy new rear shock absorbers, the price of which for the Niva ranges from 300 to 600 rubles, depending on the type (gas, oil) and the manufacturer. We make the replacement in the reverse order.

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