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    How are vehicle classes determined?

    Every vehicle owner has heard of the term "car class", but few know exactly what criteria cars are classified by. Here it should be clarified that we are not talking about technical characteristics or luxury, but about dimensions. The fact is that premium car brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, for example, are often referred to as the upper class, regardless of their size or power. European classification The method used by the Economic Commission for Europe is more understandable and therefore more common. In a sense, this parameter is also conditional, since it is based not only on size and power, but also takes into account the target market that the car is aimed at. This, in turn, leads to differences between the models themselves, which can…

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    Car repair and restoration from the USA: stages, price, important nuances

    Used and damaged cars from the USA are a great way to get a car you like and save a lot of money. And the elimination of defects at the service station will restore the impeccable appearance of the vehicle, as well as the performance of all components and systems. But even taking into account all the repair costs, buying a car in America is a good offer, because for identical models, even in the worst condition, the price in Ukraine is often too high. Repair of a car from the USA Before buying, experts carefully evaluate the characteristics of each lot and calculate the estimated cost of repairs so that the total cost does not exceed the agreed budget. After the vehicle is delivered to its destination, the masters will begin to complete the task, working in several directions at once: Eliminate…

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    How to drive a car from Germany

      To date, in our country, buying a used car, as a rule, is associated with certain risks. Indeed, instead of the desired vehicle, you can purchase a source of significant costs. A rather limited number of new cars in the Ukrainian car markets and sometimes inflated prices make modern potential buyers implement such an idea as bringing a car from Germany. Today in this country there are ample opportunities to search for high-quality vehicles. Here you will find the richest selection of cars with a certain mileage, which are operated in conditions of impeccable roads, as well as high-octane fuel. Therefore, their condition deserves the attention of many buyers. Options for buying a car from Germany In order to profitably buy a car from Germany, you need to take into account a number of important steps. First of all, it is about finding...