What is an active sound car design?
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What is an active sound car design?

Active Sound Design

Imagine that you are driving a powerful car and hear the sound of an engine. Unlike an active exhaust system, this system creates the desired sound from the engine through the car system. The attitude to the engine sound simulation system may be different. Some drivers are against the false sound of the engine, while others, on the contrary, enjoy the sound. Sound engine system. Active Sound Design has been used in some BMW and Renault cars since 2011. In this system, the control unit creates an additional sound that does not match the original sound of the car engine. This sound is transmitted through the speakers of the speaker system. Then it is combined with the original sounds of the engine, thereby achieving the desired result. Additional sounds vary depending on the driving mode of the car.

How to make an engine sound system

Input signals for the control device determine the speed of rotation of the crankshaft, the speed of movement. Accelerator pedal position, current gear. The Lexus Active Sound Control system is different from the previous system. In this system, microphones mounted under the hood of a car pick up engine sounds. The sound of the engine is converted by an electronic equalizer and transmitted through the speaker system. Thus, the original engine sound in the car becomes more dynamic and ambient. When the system is running, the sound of a running engine is output to the front speakers. Sound frequency varies with engine speed. The rear speakers in this case emit a powerful low-frequency sound. The ASC system works only in certain vehicle operating modes and automatically shuts off when driving in normal mode.

Engine Sound System Features

Disadvantages of the system include the fact that microphones under the hood pick up noise from the road surface. The Audi audio system combines a control unit. The control device contains various sound files, which, depending on the mode of movement, are executed by the element. The element creates acoustic vibrations in the windshield and body of the vehicle. Which are transmitted in the air and inside the car. The element is located on the bottom of the windshield with a threaded bolt. This is a type of speaker in which the membrane acts like a windshield. The engine sound simulation system allows the sound of the engine to be heard in the cab, even when soundproofed.

Where to use the car horn

Car horn is used in acoustic warning systems for electric vehicles in various hybrid vehicles. Various types of beeps are used to warn pedestrians. But this should be used only outside the settlements. Since the use of an audio signal in settlements is prohibited, except when there is a great danger to pedestrians when crossing the road. The law explicitly states that the use of an audio signal in front of hospitals is prohibited. In most modern cars manufactured after 2010. Manufacturers have installed European acoustic warning systems for cars. This sound should be similar to the sound of a car of the same class that is equipped with an internal combustion engine.

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