FAP additive: role, application and price

FAP additive: role, application and price

Some particulate filters, or DPFs, work with an additive: we are talking about DPF additive. This additive is cerine, which optimizes the regeneration of the particulate filter. This technology is patented by PSA and is therefore mainly used in Citroëns and Peugeot vehicles.

🚗 FAP Supplement: How Does It Work?

FAP additive: role, application and price

Le particulate filteralso called FAP, is a mandatory equipment on diesel vehicles, sometimes also found on gasoline vehicles. This is a contamination protection device that is located in the exhaust silencer.

DPF is installed next to catalyst and serves, thanks to the tiny channels that form the alveoli, to contain the pollutants that cross it in order to reduce their release into the atmosphere. In addition, when the flue gas temperature reaches 550 ° CDPF regenerates and oxidizes the remaining particles.

There are different types of DPF, those that work with additives and those that don't. Then we talk about FAP catalyst or FAP additivé.

The DPF additive is contained in a special tank. This is a product called Cerine, or Eolys, which is its trade name, which mixes iron oxide and cerium oxide. It improves DPF regeneration and is used in particular by the manufacturer PSA, therefore in Peugeot or Citroëns.

The DPF additive actually lowers the melting point of the particles by mixing with the carbon black. Thus, the combustion temperature will change by 450 ° C... This is what improves particle oxidation and therefore shortens the DPF regeneration time.

DPF with additives has other advantages: since regeneration requires a lower temperature, it is also faster. Thus, it allows you to limit the excessive consumption of fuel. However, the main disadvantage of DPF is that it needs to be recharged periodically.

📍 Where to buy DPF additive?

FAP additive: role, application and price

The additive in your particulate filter needs to be replaced periodically. Without this, you risk damaging the particulate filter and run into lost productivity your car, which can make it impossible to start the car.

You can purchase an additive for your particulate filter at car center (Feu Vert, Midas, Norauto, etc.), from mechanics or from special shop in the car. You will also find DPF supplement online at specialized sites.

📅 When to add FAP supplement?

FAP additive: role, application and price

This is the main disadvantage of DPF with additives: it is necessary to periodically fill the tank with the additive. However, this frequency depends on the technology used, as there are different DPF additives. Depending on the generation of your vehicle and its diesel particulate filter, the mileage ranges from 80 to 200 kilometers.

On average, you need to fill the DPF tank every 120 kilometers... Consult your service booklet for frequency. Your dashboard will also inform you if it is time to refill the DPF additive.

💧 How to add DPF additive?

FAP additive: role, application and price

Depending on the DPF generation, filling the additive level can be done by filling a specific reservoir or by replacing a pre-filled bag. If the procedure itself is very simple, the DPF additive works with the computer and therefore it will be necessary to use a diagnostic case to reset it.


  • socket
  • Candles
  • Diagnostic case
  • FAP supplement
  • Tools

Step 1. Raise the car.

FAP additive: role, application and price

Start by lifting the car. Secure the vehicle on jacks for safe operation. This will allow you to access the DPF tank, which is usually located next to your vehicle's fuel tank.

Step 2: Fill the tank with DPF additive.

FAP additive: role, application and price

If your vehicle does not have an additive tank, you can replace the padded bag. It is already pre-filled with FAP additive. To replace the pocket, unscrew the old one and disconnect the two hoses. If you have a tank, fill it up with new DPF.

Step 3: Line up the DPF additive

FAP additive: role, application and price

It will also be necessary to check the fluid level on the reservoir. Once this is done, you will still have to go through diagnostics in order to restart your computer and thus erase the error code. Check that the warning light on the dashboard is no longer on.

💰 How much does DPF cost?

FAP additive: role, application and price

The price of a container with DPF additive depends on the amount of liquid and the type of additive. Typically an additive tank holds 3 to 5 liters of fluid. Think from about thirty euros per liter of additive. Be careful because pre-filled bags are often more expensive.

Add to that the labor cost to make the DPF level in your garage. On average, count 150 € for service, supplement and labor.

Now you know everything about DPF! As you can imagine, not all particulate filters use additives. If this is the case with yours, level it up periodically. Go through our garage comparator to fill your DPF tank!

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